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Gideon, 15 January 2008
Ecuador Ecuador Riobamba

Riobamba - Yet Another Great Place to Pee

thought my head was going to explode on the bus ride to Riobamba. I have never been this high in any other vehicle but a plane. Most of the time we were at an altitude of 4000 to 4200 meters. The aw-some people at the Amazon Inn hotel offered to drive me all the way to the bus station, a 20+ minute ride, free of charge. Within 5 minutes I had left the station again with a ticket. I was attacked by a enthusiastic mob of bus ticket salesmen, saleswomen and little saleskids.

"Rapido, rapido!". Normally I would take my time, checking out all the bus companies but since this was only a short ride (4 hours) I thought Id just go with the flow and see where I would end up. Well in what kind of bus that is.

The bus looked very nice and was non smoking only (as was my hotel and many of the restaurants and bars!). The bus was only half full though and I knew what that meant. In very little village along the way they would pick up people to fill the bus. (And I dont mean just the seats). And because these townspeople hardly ever travel to bigger places Riobamba the bus stops again at every little awkward place along the road you can imagine. Its not use trying to avoid it almost every bus company in almost every non western country operates this way.

As the bus was filling up an elderly couple (both with panama hats) got on. Since they looked like they were in their late 70s early 80s I offered the woman my seat. However the bus company guy, co pilot on this bus ride, wouldnt allow it. After all they had not paid full price so they should stand if there were no seats. I didnt see the point as I was happy to give them my seat but even though I tried to reason with him in my baby Spanish he did not give in. The poor lady had to remain standing. "Esta bien, icho" she said why giving me on of those warm South American smiles.

A little later more seats freed up and they were able to sit across from me. And to my great surprise she got a Despertad magazine (Awake/Ontwaakt/Erwachet) out of her back and started to read.

"Es interesante la rivista?" I asked hopefully.
I could tell they werent witnesses myself so I should them my English copy of the same magazine and told them that I was dutch but living in Germany. They were spruced to know that there are witnesses in all these countries. So continuing in my very poor Spanish I told them how great the articles are. Than I asked them if I could read them my favorite scripture.("Un buen opportunidad para practicar mi pronouncion" I told them. A good opportunity to practice my pronoun cation). They listened intently and complemented me on my Spanish. Than the woman in front of them asked for the magazines and luckily I had about 4 on me. So that bus ride I placed all the Spanish mags I had brought already. Really happy that despite my poor Spanish I was still able to connect with the local people.

Hours later I arrived in Riobamba an got a cab to a hotel I picked from my footprints guide book. A really clean but slight run down room was only $10 so I didnt bother to look around for other places. Theres a lot of noise in the entire town but Ill use ear plugs.

I went out to look for a place to eat and came across a really boring, quite sterile looking mall. I strolled around for lack of better things to do and stumbled upon the restrooms. You have to pay for them and there was a lady sitting in a little booth in front of them, asleep wearing a funny little fur hat. But were little both was lined up with Watchtower and Awake magazines. I caught her sleeping on the job and just had to wake her up. I told her about my trip and even before I could ask she said..."well youll be needing magazines then. How many do you need?"

I hadnt told her the bus story because it was to difficult to explain. But she was very friendly and I took a really great picture of her behind her little booth, smiling. I really sorry I havent been able to upload any pictures yet. I have yet to find an Internet cafe that has PCs with memory card slots.

Tomorrow Ill be riding up the devils nose in an old train. Ill tell you all about it later. Now go in pee...ah ...peace.


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Ken D., usa

18 January 2008

Iglad to see that things are still brillant for you. Nice experience.


24 January 2008

Hey... You have not written in this blog for days... That is a good sign: looks like you are having a great time there on the other side of the equator. Have you found out yet about the direction water in the sink? Wink

I might have the contact of someone that can help you out in Brazil. What mailaddress would be best to use?

Continue enjoying the great way you are having in the ministry there!



25 January 2008

Hey people, again remeber to check my other travel blog site as I have uploaded it with a lot more pictures and posts!

And Viev,

Yes I would love to get that email addy. Did you find people who are in HolAmBra? Anyway I will mail you soon. You can just mail me at my dutchdude gmail address


3 February 2008

Way to go Gideon! Great informal witnessing job. Our brothers have done their duty if they have saturated the territory with magazines. Kudos


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